Raw Deal: TNM Accused Of Staging Promo

Consumer Association of Malawi (CAMA) says will investigate into the TNM’s Green Friday promotion where customers are accusing TNM of allegedly not offering what it advertised.

CAMA Executive Director, John Kapito, blamed the mobile network service provider for advertising a product but failed to provide it on stock.

“TNM will have to be taken to task,” he said.

TNM Spokesperson, Limbani Nsapato, has dismissed the claims, saying that they had enough phones in stock.

Consumers in Mzuzu expressed anger for what they said was cheating by TNM.

“We have been cheated because the phones that they promised to offer are not the ones that are in the store,” one complained.

“I am disappointed with TNM. Imagine, wasting time and money coming here [Mzuzu] just to find that the phone I wanted is not available,” complained another consumer.

TNM advertised a 50 percent reduction on over 50 cellphone models in its selected shops across the country.

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