Postponed: No Demos Tomorrow

Human Rights Defenders Coalition (HRDC) has postponed the anti-jane Ansah demonstration slated for tomorrow Tuesday 16th July.

According to the HRDC leadership, they failed to inform authorities in good time therefore the demonstrations will be held on Friday 19th July.

Demonstrators on fire

HRDC Chairperson Timothy Mtambo told the press briefing on Monday in Lilongwe that being an organization that works in accordance to the laws, they decided to shift the date from Tuesday to Friday since the city councils asked for 48 hours (two days) before holding demonstrations.

“As we all know Malawians are understanding people, the issue of shifting days will not affect the demonstrations in any way. The issue of human rights is very important to everyone but, let us join hands and bring change for the betterment of this country.”

During the press briefing Mtambo also accused the Malawi Electoral Commission (MEC) of collecting signatures from various presiding officers regarding the results of May 21 elections, arguing the conduct is aimed at misinterpreting the results of the matter which is in the court now.

Part of protestors in previous demos

“It is happening while a formal process is underway through constitutionally provided protests and citizens actions and through courts; surprisingly, there has been no official report or communication by the police as to the cause of these mysterious deaths of some of the presiding officers “.

Mtambo recommended the Malawi Defence Force (MDF) and Malawi Police Service (MPS) for providing tight security during previous demonstrations. The coalition said all the districts across the country will hold the demonstrations peacefully.

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