Illegal Trading: Chibuku Smuggled In

Over 200 cases of Chibuku Super beer are suspected to have been smuggled into the country from Zambia. Meanwhile authorities have seized the smuggled items in Lilongwe.

This happened after Chibuku Products Limited-CPL conducted a two-day search in Lilongwe and Mchinji districts last week.

In Lilongwe, the illegally imported beer was seized from Chinsapo, Biwi and Area 24 among other places.

According to CPL Business Development and Corporate Affairs Manager Gloria Zimba, the search was done after noticing a 50 percent drop in their sales.

Zimba told the Malawi News Agency that it is frustrating as Zambian Chibuku Super beer is branded similarly with the Malawian brand.

She said this makes it difficult for customers to differentiate the two.

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