Child For Sale: Couple Nabbed For Selling Own Son

Police in Dedza district have arrested a couple for allegedly putting up their son for sale. The couple offered the 12-year-old boy to a Mozambican family.

Dedza Police Spokesperson Edward Kabango confirmed on Wednesday that the suspects, Jemitala Alfred and his wife who is a traditional doctor, Mary Benard, offered their child on sale at K1.5 million.

He said a Mozambican family came to the wife in Malawi to find out the cause of their child’s death back home in Mozambique and was demanded to pay the amount, assuring them that their child would resurrect the next day.

According to Kabango, the husband told his son to accept the particulars of the deceased in presence of the Mozambicans the next day.

“The traditional doctor advised the Mozambicans that they shouldn’t be surprised with some minor differences with the boy since he was not fully transformed. The boy did as directed by his father and was taken to Mozambique as a resurrected son,” said Kabango.

Kabango said uncle to the victim later asked the whereabouts of the boy but his mother failed to give convincing response.

“Sensing danger, Jemitala and his wife went to Mozambique to get back the son on grounds that he was not fully transformed and they took him back home. The boy explained to his uncle what happened,” he said.


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