When The ‘Mogs’ Are Crowned Miss Malawi Ireland: The Tale Of Ugly Versus Beauty

They say beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, but surely the organizers of Miss Malawi Ireland might have a different context of beauty all together in their minds when they crowned three women who have instantly become social media sensational as Malawians are enjoying taking turns to mock and question their worth to represent the country in foreign soil with their looks that are being regarded as below average.

Beauty or mogs?

Mogs or beauty? surely, considerations or standards of crowning beauty queens might not have been applied in this contest, if the pictures of the crowned trio are anything to go by.

And the organizers might be biting their fingers in regret for staging the greatest comedy of all times by allowing the crowned queens represent the country in a foreign soil which unarguably is swarmed with beautiful Malawian ladies worth to be crowned Malawian queens in foreign land.

Grace Dehora Phiri, 20 won the contest. Phiri, a nursing student, was crowned Miss Malawi Ireland last Saturday after judges who included Sheira Tobie Banda of Face of Malawi UK , were convinced with her confidence, charm and brains.

Yamikani Chikaoneka, 22 was named a first runner up while Shayna Irfan Shariff , 22 came the second runner up. They are all accounting students in Dublin.

But the trio has been subjected to mockery on social media including the Facebook with others calling them “ugly” even “aliens” and other disparaging names. NE

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