Family Club: Uladi Accuses JB Of Grooming Son For PP Presidency

People’s Party (PP) former acting president Uladi Mussa has accused the party’s self-exiled president Joyce Banda of grooming her son, Roy Kachale for the leadership of the party.

Mussa has since the party as a family club.

Mussa further accused Banda that it is her family that controls the affairs in the party and resources’, saying the National Executive Committee (NEC) is there just to rubber stamp family decisions.

According to Mussa, apart from Banda who leads from aboard where she has been since she lost the Tripartite Election in 2014, her sister Cecilia Kumpukwe runs the show in the party.

Mussa also said Banda’s nephew Andekuche Chanthunya is the former president’s spokesperson.

“It is the Joyce Banda family party, run by family members and the rest just rubber stamp,” he said.

Mussa insisted the party’s NEC  was forced by Banda to fire him to enable her achieve her plans  – grooming her son Roy Kachale to take over the presidency of the party ahead of the 2019 tripartite elections  – which he himself (Mussa) has been opposing for long.

“This dismissal did not come as a surprise, I saw this coming because I have always opposed to that idea,” said Mussa.

However, PP through publicity secretary Noah Chimpeni brushed aside Mussa’s allegation advising him to learn to say the truth.

On the other hand, Chanthunya said it was unfair to claim that the former president dictates decisions in the party saying all decisions are made and agreed at the NEC level.

Meanwhile, Salima South Constituency parliamentarian sounded confident saying that he was still ‘politically strong’ and he would be announcing his political future in few days’ time.

“I have accepted my fate and will soon announce my next move,” Mussa said.

“As of now lam still reflecting on my future in politics as you know lam a politician and still strong,” Mussa said..

Mussa said  the extraordinary slide in the PP’s “moral standing” will make the party be relegated to the dustbin of history.NE