Times Mess: Kyungu Demands Apology From Times Media

Paramount Chief Kyungu of the Ngonde Clan in Karonga and Chitipa district has demanded an apology from the Daily Times Newspaper following its unbalanced claim that the Ngonde leader labeled government’s critics as fools.

According to the newspaper of 31st January, 2018, Kyungu made the remarks during an official opening of the Karonga Community Stadium on Sunday 28th January.

But speaking to members of the press during a press conference at Karonga Museum Amphitheatre, the Paramount denied the allegation and demanded immediate apology and retraction of the message from the publication or he will take an action saying it is a character assassination.

“The lead story on the daily times of Wednesday 31 January 2018 on this paper it says government critics are fools, I categorically refute this allegation and I demand a retraction from this paper but if there is any journalist here with the audio please come forward and play it now and I will apologise to the nation. I also demand an apology from the daily times reporter on the same,” said Kyungu.

He added that he has never engaged himself in a war with the media but this time he has decided to act against what he dubbed unprofessional media reporters and misguided people.

The Paramount chief added to say, “The claim by the daily times reporter borders on the character assassination, creating hate, anger and even with the possibility of physical elimination of the source of the so-called claim. I never said such words that government critics are fools and I will never do such a thing because I am one of the many Malawians who was exied and fought for multiparty democracy in this country and I know what it means in a multiparty country.”

However, Times news editor in chief, George Kasakula strongly said the publication has a recording of the Chief saying in strong terms that government critics are fools therefore as a well established media house in the country, they cannot apologise to such calls.

“What does it mean to you when somebody tells the public that anyone who does not see the good side of government and accuses government is a fool?” Kasakula rhetorically asked.

He then challenged the main custodian of the Ngonde clan that the institution cannot apologise for the publication of information that is correct.