Mzuzu Fashion Week Designers To Feature Annual EMMS In Scotland

Mzuzu Fashion Week (MzFW) featured designers MisK and Za Clemoh will be sending pieces to Scotland to feature in the annual EMMS International Fundraising Fashion Show set for October.

The show will host the latest winter collections from 8 designers and boutiques on the catwalk including collections from Mzuzu Fashion Week, Emma Roy of Edinburgh Wedding Boutique and Halina North, Gold Award winner at the London Graduate Fashion Week last year.

And according to MzFW organizers, the event is expected to be include entertainment and prizes, and promises to be a night of fun.

“And all in aid of girls in Malawi who are so often overlooked. The show will also have in attendance Linda Fabiani, MSP (Scottish politician, with Italian origins. A member of the Scottish National Party, she is the Member of the Scottish Parliament for East Kilbride.),” explained the MzFW organizers.

Mzuzu Fashion Week is set for October 15th and is promising to provide a platform for local designers to promote their products, and the event hopes to inspire a new generation of fashion designers and entrepreneurs.

The participating designers will use their skills to create jobs as well as products that may be exported, thereby generating revenue for the nation.NE

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