Model Of The Week: Hannah Mhone, Miss Blantyre Queen

Malawian nationality, Hannah Mhone was born on 19 February 1994 and is Tumbuka by tribe. She is the reigning Miss Blantyre.

Currently residing in Manja, she is a banker and studied Business Management at The Polytechnic Management center.

Her hobbies are dancing and traveling.

In terms of fashion, Hannah is a classy woman.

Miss Blantyre

Having been in the modelling Industry for a year now, she says friends comments motivated her.

“They could always tell me l look like a model why not do modelling, so l thought why not give it a try,” says Mhoni.

“I love inspiring my fellow youth because i strongly believe we are the future generation and if the world is going to change and became a better place it will be because of us” she says. 

She adds “I will aim at changing the modelling industry perception. People should not have negative comments about modelling, they should view it as something that is positive to the society”

“People think being a model means you are a prostitute; so if given a chance I would prove people wrong because being a model is not about what they think; its about being a role model to other people, helping, motivating, bringing a change within our communities and societies as it motivates those coming under us or even those older that failed to do the same thing when they had a chance to”

“Every dream we dream of is achievable, we just need to believe in ourselves and act,” says the current reigning Miss Blantyre.”FM

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