Matafale Memorial Hangs In Balance Due To Venues

Problems in identifying a venue for this year’s Matafale memorial show is affecting preparations for the event.

Black Missionaries frontman Anjiru Fumulani told local media said they are in the midst of preparing for the memorial show.

He said: “But we cannot say for certain as to where it will take place as we are still waiting for confirmation from the owners of the venue. We are hoping to have the show at Chileka Civil Aviation ground but that depends on the owners who are yet to come back to us with our proposal to have the show there.”

Anjiru explained that last year they were told that availability of the venue will now be depending on a lot of things like other aviation activities taking place at the same ground.

“We are, however, going ahead with our preparations for the show. We will have a full list of those who will perform at the show by Friday,” he said.

Anjiru said that likely the show will take place on Sunday, November 26 in Chileka.

Evison Matafale died in police custody on November 27 2001 under mysterious circumstances. He had been arrested on November 24 2001 after writing a series of complaint letters to government. He was detained at Maula Prison.

At the time of his death he had two albums to his credit, /Kuyimba I/ and /Kuyimba II/. Some of his hit songs are /Olenga Dzuwa/ and /Watsetseleka/. The late Matafale was the leader and founder of the Black Missionaries.

Initially, he used to perform with the Wailing Brothers. Wailing Brothers disbanded soon after his death and the Black Missionaries took over.NE

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