Lost Paradise? 55 Illegal Immigrants Apprehended

Immigration officers in northern region have detained 55 illegal immigrants, all Ethiopian nationals who tried to enter into the country without proper documentation.

Immigration deputy publicist for the northern region Francis Chitambuli confirmed the arrest, saying that four Malawians have also been arrested for allegedly aiding the Ethiopians to enter into the country.

“The 55 illegal immigrants, who are Ethiopian nationals, used water transport from Tanzania to Nkhata Bay, where following a tip from well-wishers, immigration officials were deployed to the district, and managed to intercept all of them at Tukombo,” Chitambuli explained.

“Two minibuses which they were using, registration numbers KK6589 and MJ7124 have been impounded and four Malawians who had dangerous weapons like panga knives purportedly to facilitate transportation of the illegal immigrants, have been arrested,” he added.

They were arrested at Tukombo in NkhataBay.

The 55 Ethiopian nationals, all males aged between 15 and 40, will answer charges of illegal entry under to Section 21, subsections 1 while the four Malawians will answer charges of aiding and abetting unlawful entry under Section 36 of the Malawi Immigration Act.

All suspects are kept at Mzuzu prison awaiting legal proceedings.NE