Hip-hop Artist Chavura In Court Over Controversial Rape Song

Local hip-hop artist Chavura who was arrested for releasing a son that advocates for rape is expected to pear before Lilongwe Magistrates Court today.

Chavura will be charged with obscene matter or things as provided for in Section 179 (1) (a) of the Penal Code.

He was arrested on Friday morning by Blantyre Police Station before being transfered to Lilongwe where he is been kept.


Chavura recently apologized for releasing the song in which he stirred up emotions- if people’s reaction on social media is anything to go by- with his Rape song- by boasting of his intentions to commit an atrocious act of rape on any girl who dares to rebuff him.

Born Mwiza Chavura, the Mzuzu University graduate challenged in the song how he would enjoy committing the sexual offence by getting his culprits drunk on his bills.

“Ndidzakupanga rape/ kukumwetsa bawa ndikupanga rape/kukamwa kwako nzakumata tape/ zindikana uone udzalira help/ I don’t ……. around nzakupanga rape,” goes part of the chorus of the song.

“I would like to apologise to all women I have offended with my song. I didn’t know it is going to offend women, and I didn’t know the concept would be misunderstood. I apologise to Malawimusic.com for putting them in a complicated situation, and would like all websites that uploaded the song to take it down,” he said.

“Sorry, I will avoid such songs. The song is just an imagination it’s not particularly involving any woman, it’s not meant for anyone to take seriously, like all other songs. The song has been banned, basi let’s move on with our lives. Most of you have lots of problems to fix at home and work,” he commented on the post.

And Lilongwe-based private practice lawyer, Vincent Msowoya, Managing Partner for N.C. Msowoya & Associates has expressed interest to defend Chavura on moral obligation.

Msowoya says the manner in which some civil activists and sections of society have condemned him might have an effect on the prosecution process.NE