Fear Factor: Govt Suspends SIM Registration

Malawi government has suspended the mandatory SIM card registration exercise following pressure from the general public and Parliamentarians.

Minister of Information and Civic Education, Nicholas Dausi told Parliament on Tuesday morning that the exercise has been suspended until raised concerns are addressed.

Dausi said government will communicate on the next step soon.

There has been general complaint that people were spending hours on queues just to have their SIM cards registered and that there was no enough civic education to help the public understand the importance of the exercise.

Dausi said that the exercise will only resume until such a time when enough civic education is done.

Some of the concerns from the public has been on suspicion that the on-going SIM card registration is a ploy by government to tap people’s phones.

On Monday, some MPs also raised concerns on the exercise. MP for Nkhata Bay Central Constituency, Ralph Mhone, said the provision for SIM card registration could be impinging on people’s right to privacy.NE