Confused? Pac In Dark Of Its Demo

Public Affairs Committee (PAC) remains clueless on its much anticipated meeting to discuss the way forward for the nationwide demonstrations which were postponed last year.

PAC spokesperson Fr. Peter Mulomole says at the moment they are yet to receive communication from Secretariat on when the meeting will be held after being put on hold last week.

“The date and feasibility of holding demonstrations will be determined when the board meets,” he said.

However several commentators have questioned the relevance of the demonstrations which were initially aimed at pushing government to take Electoral Reform bills to parliament.

Political Analyst George Phiri says continued postponement the crucial meeting is a sign poor governance within PAC.

Last week, PAC failed to meet for a planned board meeting which among others was aimed at discussing the way forward in regards to a planned nationwide demonstrations which were postponed at the last minute.

The postponed demonstrations were in part aimed at exerting pressure on government to bring to parliament the Electoral Reforms bills.

Meanwhile, the order paper we have seen shows some electoral reform bills will be tabled during the budget review meeting.NE