Chavula’s Rape Song Stirs Up Debate

Malawians have reacted angrily to the production of a hip hop track titled ‘rape’ by Mwiza Chavura.

In the song, Chavura was announcing plot to let a girl got drunk on his bills with an intention of raping her for turning down his sexual advances on her.

“Ndidzakupanga rape/ kukumwetsa bawa ndikupanga rape/kukamwa kwako nzakumata tape/ zindikana uone udzalira help/ I don’t ……. around nzakupanga rape,” goes part of the chorus of the song.

But the song has apparently not gone down well with a lot of Malawians, including some artists who have since taken to the social media condemning it.

Spoken word poet Qabaniso Malewezi, himself a former rapper, said much as there was freedom of speech which artists enjoy, there was a line that needed to be drawn.

“Art that openly talks about raping a girl should not be tolerated. Any glorification of rape culture should not be condoned. Being an artist is a privilege and honour not to be abused. I am publicly condemning the song titled “Rape” by Chavura. I say no to verbal sexual violence,” said Malewezi.

Taking his turn, gospel music star Khama Khwiliro felt promoting rape in a song was a worst thing any artist would do.

Said Khwiliro: “Mr. Mwiza Chavura…. you went too far as an artist. Never do this again. Promoting rape in your song is the worst thing an artist would do. A worst strategy of getting yourself famous.”

However, journalist Rogers Siula said there are a lot of music that objectify females and needed to be banned and withdrawn from the public domain.

“Let’s simply say no to all songs and withdraw or ban all music that objectifies females. It’s a sad reality that doesn’t need double standards to be dealt with… We need an affirmative stand; we can’t be on the fence. There’s a growing nuisance (as regards content) in music!! And well, we should extend that fierce stand to music videos too,” said Siula.

Meanwhile, a network of Christian artists in the country, has also expressed sadness at the level of vulgarity being portrayed in the song.

In a statement that has been made available to MBC online, the network further said it was appalling that a Malawian artist would come up with such a pro-rape song in an age where the whole world was standing against the vice.

“Let us not trivialize what is actually a big concern and a painful issue that the girls and women in our homes are facing up against in different forms. This song not only perpetrates crime but it’s also evil indeed as it will promote rape issues among young people,”
The network further condemns owners of online music distribution sites and entertainmentmalawi for making the song available for downloads.

“We propose that this song be banned and its creators taken to task including the producers; the label ‘Nyambaro music’ under which this song was produced; and those that are further distributing it on their websites. The song is not only evil, it is criminal. This madness must stop! We say no to ‘rape’,” said the statement.

As we were going to the press on Wednesday morning, unconfirmed reports were indicating that Chavura has apologized to Malawians and has since promised to withdraw the song.NE