Malawi Mangoes Eyes USA, Europe And India Market

Malawi Mangoes is exploring new foreign markets as one way of growing its business.

The company has its market base in Dubai and Kuwait, and currently is exploring USA, Europe and India.

Malawi Mangoes General Manager, Charlie Leaper said his company is targeting to export over 80 metric tonnes of Malawi mangoes following huge demand for the products on the international market.

“After successful fresh mangoes’ trials in 2016, 2017 was the first year of commercial fresh mango exports of eight metric tonnes in market development. We exported to India and Europe and now we are expanding to fresh and dried mango end products for export to regional and international markets,” Leaper told the local media.

“Exports since Malawi Mangoes started commercial production in 2015 are 1,700 metric tonnes of mango puree, raising revenue of approximately K1 billion. Puree exports as of end December 2017 totaled 693 metric tonnes.”

Malawi Mangoes through the Green Belt Initiative recently acquired 1,700 hectares of farmland near its existing plantations for future development. So far, the company has been able to realize over $1.4 million from mangoes exports.

“Commercial and smallholder farms will supply regional and international markets with annual production of up to 700 metric tonnes of fresh mangoes, 600 metric tonnes of dried mangoes and approximately 2,500 metric tonnes of pureed mango over a 10-year horizon,” Leaper said.

The company has two commercial farms covering 220 hectares planted to a wide mix of mangoes cultivars. After the expansion drive, yield at full production is estimated at 8,500 metric tonnes per annum by 2024.NE